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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History 2020/21

Volume 25, 2020-2021      Scotland and North America

Robin Nicholson – Scottish Artists in North America 1714-1946

Dr Andrew M. Watson – James Patrick of Benmore (1818-1885): An Important Scots-American Collector of 19th-century Scottish Art

Erin Walter – Predating the ‘Glasgow Miracle’: The 1990s Avant-Garde Art of Diane Torr
at Franklin Furnace

Dr Shannon Vittoria – The Scottish Origins of Mary Nimmo Moran’s American Landscapes

Dr Sarah lepson – The ‘New Woman’ Crosses the Atlantic: The Red Rose Girls and Glasgow Girls

Dr David Steel – A Biographical Account of Family and Artistic Ties Between Galloway and Canada

Nancy E. Green – From Edinburgh to Santa Barbara: Frank Morley Fletcher’s Transatlantic Influence

Karen Mailley-Watt – ‘A school is not a product of any one person or of any one mind’: The Impact of Charles H. Scott and other Scottish Artists on the Vancouver School
of Applied Art and Design

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