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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History 2016/17

Volume 21 (2016-2017) Scotland’s Women Artists (1885-1965)

Alice Strang – Introduction: Scotland’s Women Artists 1885-1965

Allan Lennie – Amelia and Joseph Noel Paton: A Sibling Rivalry

Emma Smith and Gordon Brennan – The Gillies Family: An Alternative Success Story

Philip Kelleway – The Zinkeisen Sisters and Celebrity Culture

Joanna Soden – The Scottish Atelier Society 1882-1889: An Opportunity for Women Artists in Edinburgh?

Siân Reynolds – Women Artists’ Training: The Paris Connection

Matthew Jarron – Placed Under No Disqualification: Women Artists in She-Town

Phyllida Shaw – Alice Meredith Williams, in her Own Words

Peggy Beardmore – From the Beginning with Frances Walker: An Exploration of Lifelong Practice

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