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Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History – Back Issues

Volume 1 1996   Scotland and the Low Countries & Scotland and France

Margaret Swain – Flemish Tapestry Hangings in Scotland in the Seventeenth Century

Basil Skinner  –  Philip Tideman and the Decoration of Hopetoun House

John Lowrey –  The Influence of the Netherlands on Early Classicism and the Formal Garden in Scotland

John Frew  –  Scottish Architecture and Holland, 1919-1939

Paul Stirton  –  Grez-sur-Long: An Artists’ Colony

Patrick Elliott  –  French and Scottish Sculpture, 1890-1940

Françoise Garcia  –  The teaching of Andre Lhote

Ceçile Coutin  –  André Dunoyer de Segonzac, 1884-1974

Volume 2 1997   Scotland 1900

Louise Boreham  –  Louis Reid Deuchars and the Aldourie Pottery

Elizabeth Cumming  –  The Marquess of Bute and the Beginnings of the Dovecot Studio

Frances Fowle  –  Alexander Reid: the Influential Dealer

John Frew  –  Suburban Free Stylism: the Villas of James Scott of James Gillespie and Scott, 1896-1914

Juliet Kinchin  –  Art and History into Life: Pageantry Revived in Scotland

John Morrison  –  James Duncan of Jordanstone and the Art College in Dundee

Volume 3 1998   Patronage & Collecting

Robin Nicholson  –  Patronage and Portraiture of the Exiled Stuarts

George Fairfull Smith  –  The Glasgow Dilettanti Society

Jennifer Melville  –  Art and Patronage in Aberdeen, 1860-1920

Andrew Watson  –  Constantine Ionides and his Collection of 19th-Century French Art

Jane Lindsey  –  Robert Burns and the Crawford Family

James M Lawlor –  The Scottish Patrons of Eric Gill

Diane M Watters  –  Post-War Church Patronage in the West of Scotland: The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Gillespie, Kidd & Coia

Volume 4 1999   Art Academies & Spanish Art

Grier Gordon  –   The Foulis Academy, 1753-1776

George Fairfull Smith  –  Art and Design Education in Glasgow in the 18th and 19th Centuries

George Rawson  –   The Glasgow Government School of Design, 1845-1853

Frances Fowle  –  The Changing Functions of the Royal Institution

Joanna Soden  –  The Role of the RSA in Art Education During the 19th Century

Nigel Thorp  –  Whistler and His Students at the Académie Carmen

Hilary Macartney  –  The Nobility of Art: The Seville Academy Founded by Murillo and a Portrait of Philip IV at Pollok House

Alan K G Paterson  –  Three Versions of Art Theory and Practice by Don Pedro Calderón de la Barca

David Howarth –  “The grand features of an unsubdued world”: William Robertson and the Spanish Empire

Amaia Zulaika  –   The Dissolution of the Spanish Monasteries in the 19th Century and its Impact on Spanish Art

Volume 5 2000   Scotland 1900 & Scotching Myths

Elizabeth Cumming  –  Ruskin and Identity in Scottish National Architectural Sculpture

Ray McKenzie  –  The Sculpture Programme of Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Juliette MacDonald  –  The Decorative Murals of Douglas Strachan

Christine Rew  –  James Cromar Watt: Aberdeen Architect and Designer

Richard Carr  –  Scottish Design Myths

Annette Carruthers  –  Two Holiday Houses in North Britain: Melsetter and the Old Place of Mochrum

Janice Helland  –  “Quaint and Curious”: Scottish Textiles at Turin, 1902

Rosemary Addison  –  Spirited Activity: Scottish Book Design and Women Illustrators, 1890-1920

Jane Lindsey  –  A Tale of Two Tea Rooms: Gender, Commerce and Classicism

Christine Rew  –  The Gleam in the North: Historic and Contemporary Silversmithing in Scotland

David Gerrard  –  The Invisible Designer

Volume 6 2001   Orientalism

Robert Hillenbrand  –  Introduction: The Orient of the Imagination

Sylvia Auld  –  The Response to the Arts of Islam in Renaissance Florence and Venice

Jennifer Scarce  –  Europeans in Turkish Dress

Patsy Campbell  –  Wilkie in Constantinople

Ulrike Al-Khamis & Rose Watban  –  An Orientalist Tile Panel in the Royal Museum of Scotland

Nick Pearce  –  Soldiers, Doctors, Engineers: Chinese Art and British Collecting 1860-1935

Patsy Campbell & Chris Claxton  –  Chinese Works on Paper from a 19th-Century Decorative Scheme at Pittendreich House, Lasswade

Margaret MacDonald  –  James McNeill Whistler and Oriental Art

Akayo Ono  –  The Japanese Subject Matter of Mortimer Menpes and the Influence of Whistler and Kawanabe Kyôsai on his Work

William Buchanan  –  The Asahi Restored

Volume 7 2002   Twentieth-Century Art & Design in Scotland

Frances Robertson  –  Dazzle Painting: The Art of Deceit in War

Nicholas Oddy   –  A Scottish Approach to Domestic Light Goods: The Case of Bar-Knight

Bruce Peter  –  Glasgow Goes Electric

Juliet Kinchin & Andrea Peach – Small Pieces of Scotland? Souvenirs and the Good Design Debate 1946-80

Annette Carruthers  –  Barnsley’s Bute House Sideboard and the Patronage of Elizabeth Watt

Pauline Megson  –  Reconstructing Auchinleck

Dianne King  –  A Renaissance in Ironwork

Robin Baillie  –  Singularity and Symbolisation: Images in the Scottish National Narrative

Neil Mulholland  –  Learning from Glasvegas: Scottish Art after ‘The 90′

Venda Louise Pollock  –  An Enlightenend City and Distanced Observer: Early Prospects of Glasgow by Slezer and the Foulis Academy

Volume 8 2003   Collecting Italian Old Master  Paintings in Scotland in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Timothy Clifford  –  Introduction: Italian Art in Scotland in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries

Peter Humfrey  –  G. F. Waagen in Scotland

Francis Russell  –  John, 3rd Earl of Bute, and Venice

Iain Gordon Brown  –  ‘I understood pictures better than became my purse …’: the Clerks of Penicuik and Eldin as Collectors and Connoisseurs

Stephen Lloyd  –  Italian Paintings in the Scottish Collections of the Dukes of Buccleuch & Queensberry

Claire Smith   –  The 4th Earl of Aberdeen as a Collector of Italian Old Masters

Godfrey Evans  –  The Hamilton Collection and the 10th Duke of Hamilton

Shelagh Wemyss  –  Francis, Lord Elcho (10th Earl of Wemyss) as a Collector of Italian Old Masters

Robert Wenley  –  The 8th Marquess of Lothain as a Collector of Italian Old Masters

Vivien Hamilton  –  Italian Old Masters in Glasgow: Resources for Research

Iain Gordon Brown  –  Venerating the Venetians? Some Scottish Views of the Painters of the Golden Age

Volume 9 2004 The Arts and Crafts movement / Patrick Geddes and France SOLD OUT

Alan Crawford –  The Disunited Kingdom of the Arts and Crafts

Annette Carruthers – Gang Warily: Scottish Arts and Crafts Issues

Juliette MacDonald  –  Politicising the Landscape: The Kirk and the Ideology of Territoriality

Janice Helland  –  Highland Home Industries and the Fashion for Tweed

Nicola Gordon Bowe  –  ‘Dreams Long Hoarded’: Aspects of Cultural Identity Leading to Arts and Crafts Movement in Ireland, c.1886-1925

Edyta Supinska-Polit  –  ‘The World is Different Here’ : Arts and Crafts in the Polish Tatras

Paul Stirton  –  From ‘The Stones of Venice’ to ‘The Stones of Transylvania’

Elizabeth Cumming  –  ‘Scottish Everyday Art’, or How Tradition Shaped Modernism

Robin Nicholson  –  ‘From Fever to Fresh Air’: The Evergreen, The Yellow Book and the Threat of Decadence

Clare A.P. Willsdon  –  The Ramsay Garden Murals and Their Links with French Mural Painting

Pierre Chabard  –  Paris – Montpellier – Domme: French Migrations of the Outlook Tower

Venda Louise Pollock  –  Second City or Absent City? Futurism and Glasgow’s Lack of an Urban Modernism

Vickie Hearnshaw  –  The Glasgow Boy ‘Downunder’: James Nairn’s New Zealand years, 1890-1904

Volume 10 2005 SSAH 21st Anniversary Edition /Architecture, Design
and Criticism / Scottish Art/ Student Essay

Emily Jane Anderson  –  18th-Dynasty Statues of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet in Scottish Collections

Peter Black  –  A Rubens Drawing for the Hunterian: The Fragment of a Memory Exercise

Jessica Feather  –  Gavin Hamilton’s Dawkins and Wood Discovering the Ruin of Palmyr Reconsideration

Ailsa Boyd  –  Finding Beatrix Whistler: A Paradigmatic Victorian Woman Artist

Marc Fehlmann  –  ‘A Striking Proof of Scotland’s Pride’: Remarks on the Scottish National Monument on Calton Hill

Bruce Peter  –  Hopping Scottish to London – The Design Context of the 1968 M-Type Motorway Coach

Wolfgang Sonne  –  Culture of Urbanity: A New Approach to 20th-Century Urban Design History

Susannah Thompson  –  The Case for Critical Regionalism in Recent Scottish Art Criticism

Duncan Macmillan  –  Scottish Art

Murdo Macdonald  –  Scottish Art and Identity: A Unique Diversity

John Morrison  –  Nation and Identity

Ken Currie  –  State of the Nation: Contemporary Art

Charles McKean  –  Scottishness in Architecture

Clemena Antonova  –  El Greco’s Icon of Christ in the National Gallery

Daniel Herrmann Obituary –  Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, 1924-2005

Volume 11 (2006) Art & Art History in Dundee SOLD OUT

Matthew Jarron  –  Introduction

Clara Young  –  Dundee’s Earliest Fine Art Exhibitions

Mark Stocker  –  ‘The head o’ the Bard sweeps the Southern Sky!’ Sir John Steell’s Statues of Robert Burns: From Dundee to Dunedin

William Hardie  –  George Dutch Davidson: ‘A too great perfection’

Mary Arnold  –  Etta J. Johnston: Art, Science and Social Action in Late 19th-Century Dundee

Murdo Macdonald  –  Pointing to Iona: Patrick Geddes, John Duncan and Ananda Coomaraswamy

Nicola Ireland  –  ‘A man of sensitive culture’: A Survey of Twelve Albums by John Duncan in the Royal Scottish Academy Collection

Frances Fowle  –  Pioneers of Taste: Collecting in Dundee in the 1920s

Euan McArthur  –  CEMA and the Arts Council in Scotland: Education, Policy and Practice, 1940-46

Christopher Murray  –  Thur’s a man wi a big chin an’ a dug in thon City Centre: Uncovering the Importance of Dundee Comics

Sandra McNeil  –  Drawing as Life: Reflections on William C.M. Cadenhead

Stephen Partridge  –  REWIND: Artists’ Videos in the 1970s and 1980s

Matthew Davis  –  The Richard Demarco Archive: Accessing a 40-Year Dialogue between Richard Demarco and the European Avant-Garde

John Stewart-Young, Clara Young & Alice Strang  –  McManus Galleries & Museum: Redevelopment and Outreach

Gail Egan  –  ‘Surveying the Past and Looking to the Future’: Caring for the Paintings Collection of the McManus Galleries

Monica Matthews & Philippa Sterlini  –  ‘Out, damned spot!’: The Conservation of John Linnell Chalk Portraits at the University of Dundee

Caroline Needham  –  Forensic Art in Dundee

Grainne Rice  –  Obituary: Ian Hamilton Finlay, 1925-2006

Volume 12 (2007) Art & Art History in Glasgow

Roger Bilcliffe  –  Mackintosh Furniture Revisited

Victoria Burgess  –  Attic Riches: Locating the Local Painter Decorator

Robert Gibbs  –  Designs for the Serial Titles of Blackie’s and Mudie’s by Talwin Morris, Ethel Larcombe and C.R. Mackintosh

Sally Stewart  –  In Praise of Shadows and Light

Alexander Kennedy – An Occult Perspective on One of ‘The Four’

Paul Stirton  –  Notes Towards a Historiography of Modern Scottish Art

Frances Fowle  –  Art Dealing in Glasgow Between the Wars: The Rise and Fall of La Societe des Beaux-Arts

Venda Pollock  –  From Gethsemane to Lanark: The Problem of Representing Glasgow

John Morrison  –  The Glasgow Group

Margery McCulloch  –  Young Artists in a ‘Philistine Society’? Making it New in Glasgow 1956-1969

Helen McCormack  –  The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery Bi-centenary Celebrations

Margaret MacDonald  –  The Whistler Etchings Project

Patricia de Montfort  –  Exhibition Culture in London 1878-1908

David Robertson  –  Dowanhill Church

Pamela Robertson  –  Glasgow Mackintosh Festival 2006

Peter Trowles  –  The Glasgow School of Art Mackintosh Conservation and Access Project

Pol Cavin  –  Hidden Glasgow

Andrew Greg  –  The National Inventory Research Project

Victoria Hollows  –  The Engaged Gallery of Modern Art – GoMA: Contemporary Art and Human Rights

Andrew Patrizio  –  Opinion: How Does This Museum Make You Feel? Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Neil Mullholland  –  Obituary: Steven Campbell

Volume 13 (2008-9) Highlands  SOLD OUT

Murdo Macdonald  –  Foreword

John Purser  –  The Celtic Ballet: Ballet, Baton and Brush in Search of Peace in Time of War

Murdo Macdonald  –  The Visual Preconditions of Celtic Revival Art in Scotland

Aonghus MacKechnie  –  Carn air a’Mhonadh: Gaeldom’s monuments – Cairns, Crosses and Celticism

Hugh Cheape  –  A’lasadh le carnaid: Rhyme and Reason in Perceptions of Tartan

Joanna Soden  –  This Way for the View: The Representation of the Highlands by some Scottish Artists, 1920-1939

Katherine G Worthing  –  The Parting Scene in the Highlands: Looking Beyond The Last of the Clan

The Burma Road: Photographs from the Demarco Digital Archive

Murdo Macdonald  –  Crannghal by Will Maclean and Arthur Watson: A Visual Essay

Meg Bateman  –  A’ Crannghail: A Poem

Joanna Soden  –  Obituary: John Houston

Volume 14 (2009-10) Taste and Travel: Scottish Mercantile Collectors and Artists Abroad

Frances Fowle  –  Foreword

Godfrey Evans  –  The 11th Duke and Duchess of Hamilton and France

Robert Wenley  –  The Glasgow Dilettanti Society Exhibition of 1843: Collecting Old Master Paintings in mid 19th-century Glasgow

Helen Smailes  –  Dundee’s Forgotten Maecenas? G B Simpson and the Patronage of Modern Scottish Art

Andrew Watson  –  James Duncan of Benmore: a Remarkable Victorian Collector

Suzanne Veldink  –  ‘Be-Marised or bemused!’ R T Hamilton Bruce and the International Exhibition of 1886

Philip McEvansoneya  –  The Hague School and the Scots in Fiction

Frances Fowle  –  Souvenirs and Fetes Champetres: William Allan Coats’s Collection of 19th-century French Paintings

Jennifer Melville  –  Collecting Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings in Aberdeen

Kenneth McConkey  –  ‘Incongruious Impressions’: Scottish Painters’ Journeys at the Turn of the 20th century

Belinda Thomson  –  Vainly Seeking Impressionism: A Scottish Artist’s Response to the Musee du Luxembourg, c.1894

John Morrison  –  The Glasgow School and America, 1895-1905

Volume 15 (2010-11) Open Theme

Matthew Jarron  –  Foreword

David Wilson  –  Animal Performance: Interdisciplinary Features of a Special Area of Performing Arts History

Sandy Brewer  –  Tom Curr and Stanley Cursiter: Friendship, Art and Industry

Helen Beale and William Kidd  –  Embodying Loss and Remembrance: The Plurality of French Commemorative Practice from 1918 to the Present Day

Edward Corp  –  The ‘Facciata’ of Cardinal York: An Unattributed Picture in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Patricia R. Andrew  –  David Roberts’s Rome: A Bravura Painter Rattled by Ruskin

Louise Boreham  –  James Pittendrigh Macgillivray (1856-1938) and Kirkcaldy Art Gallery

Bill Hare and Andrew Patrizio  –  Alan Davie’s Jingling Spaces

Volume 16 (2011-12) Art and Art History in Scottish Public Collections

Iain Gordon Brown  –  David Martin and Allan Ramsay: A candid view by Alexander Fraser Tytler

Patricia R. Andrew  –  The Bridge Behind Burns

William Rough  –  A Cluster of Butterflies: James Guthrie Orchar and his collection of Whistler etchings and drypoints

Shona Elliott  –  Changes in the University of Aberdeen’s Approach to Displaying Art, 1860-2010

Benjamin Greenman  –  Seedbed and the Wedge of Chastity: The erotic play of interpretation

Anne Galastro  –  Fifty Years of Collecting Policies at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: Bargain hunting or talent spotting?

Bo Hanley  –  Acquiring the Ineffable: Investigating production and policy for contemporary visual art in municipal museums and galleries in Scotland

Andrew Greg  –  Your Paintings: Public access and public tagging

Jonathan Hood  –  Obituary: James Howie (1931-2011)

Volume 17 (2012-13) The Pre-Raphaelites: New Scottish Interdisciplinary Research


Jodi-Anne George  –  Foreword

Gillian Macdonald  –  William Morris: Eco-socialism in The Defence of Guenevere and his early poetry and prose?

Jeffrey W. Smith  –  Pre-Raphaelite imagery in the writings of George MacDonald: Representations in The Imagination, The Seaboard Parish and The Vicar’s Daughter

Jodi-Anne George  –  Rossetti’s menagerie: The condition of animals in Victorian Britain

Robyne Erica Calvert  –  A walk in Willowwood: Decoding the ‘Willowwoods‘ of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

Jennifer Melville  –  John Everett Millais and his Scottish friends

Joanna Soden  –  ‘This kind of Art they call Pre-Raphaelite’: The response of some Scottish artists to the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Margaretta Frederick  –  ‘A Keats among painters’: The poetic imagery of George Wilson

Volume 18 (2013-14) Palaces, Patrons and Places: The Allure of Scotland for French Artists c1790 to 1900

Colin J. Bailey  –  Foreword

Stephen Lloyd  –  Henri-Pierre Danloux, an Émigré Artist and his Wife in Scotland, 1796-1800: Recent Discoveries in the Buccleuch Archives

Godfrey Evans  –  The 10th Duke of Hamilton’s Commissions to French Founders and Sculptors

Helen E. Smailes  –  Charles Achille d’Hardiviller: From Bourbon Image Consultant to Edinburgh Drawing-Master

Frances Fowle  –  Picturing the Highlands: Rosa Bonheur’s Grand Tour of Scotland

Andrew Watson  –  Gustave Doré and the Lure of Scotland

Clare A.P. Willsdon  –  From Lochnagar to Leith: In Scotland with Haag, Fréchou, Signorini and Orlik, 1850-1900

Volume 19 (2014-15) Scottish Artists Past and Present

Helen E. Scott – Foreward

Kate Anderson – The Scottish Connection: John Michael Wright and the Development of Portrait Painting in Scotland, 1660-1700

Godfrey Evans – The 10th Duke of Hamilton and William Allan in Russia and the Ukraine

Sheila McKinnon – The Constant Traveller: James Skene of Rubislaw (1775-1864)

Fiona V. Salvesen Murrell – ‘So Much Talk About Old Musty Painters’: Insights into the Scottish Art World and its London Connections in the Early 19th Century

Claire Robinson – ‘Seeing Splendid Visions’: The Life and Career of James Watterston Herald, 1859-1914

Patricia R. Andrew – Scottish War Art and Artists of the 20th Century: Why So Neglected?

Gráinne Rice – On Forms and Fictions: The Re-staging of Steven Campbell’s Landmark Exhibition within GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland

Volume 20 (2015-16) Scottish Art in the Great War

Patricia Andrew – ‘A living presentment’: The Artistic Challenge of Posthumous Portraiture

Helen E. Beale and Valerie Inglis – From Recognition of Enlistment to Memorialisation: Helen A. Lamb’s Illuminated Rolls of Honour for Those Who Served in the First World War

Matthew Jarron and Emma Halford-Forbes – Splendour and Sorrow – Dundee’s Newspaper Artists during the First World War

Sandy Wood – War, The Royal Scottish Academy and its Artists

Jo Meacock – Fred A. Farrell: Glasgow’s War Artist Revisited

Sandy Brewer – ‘We are Mapping a New World’: A Scottish Artist in the Service of Artillery’s Astrologers

Louise Williams – ‘Not Just a Name, You Know’: Graphic Responses to the First World War in Lothian Health Services Archive

Kirsty MacNab – Frank Brangwyn’s First World War Posters: The Dundee City Council Collection

Graham Fagan – War? I Murder Hate!

Volume 21 (2016-2017) Scotland’s Women Artists (1885-1965)

Alice Strang – Introduction: Scotland’s Women Artists 1885-1965

Allan Lennie – Amelia and Joseph Noel Paton: A Sibling Rivalry

Emma Smith and Gordon Brennan – The Gillies Family: An Alternative Success Story

Philip Kelleway – The Zinkeisen Sisters and Celebrity Culture

Joanna Soden – The Scottish Atelier Society 1882-1889: An Opportunity for Women Artists in Edinburgh?

Siân Reynolds – Women Artists’ Training: The Paris Connection

Matthew Jarron – Placed Under No Disqualification: Women Artists in She-Town

Phyllida Shaw – Alice Meredith Williams, in her Own Words

Peggy Beardmore – From the Beginning with Frances Walker: An Exploration of Lifelong Practice

Volume 22 (2017-2018) Printmaking in Scotland

Ann Gunn – ‘Five Hundred and Forty-Two Copperplates’: Andrew Bell’s Illustrations for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1771–97

Lucinda Lax – The Bonnie Prince in Print: Robert Strange’s Everso Missus Portrait and the Politics of the ‘45

Mary Modeen and Helen Whiting – ‘Groups of the Manners in Scotland’: David Allan – the Process and Politics of Printmaking

Murdo Macdonald – Aspects of Scottish Literature and Printmaking in the 19th Century

David Faithfull – PALINDROME: Reflections in the Scottish Landscape in Print, Place and Process

Arthur Watson – Print, Press and Cabinet: Curation, Display and Demonstration
in the Exhibition Ages of Wonder

Lesley Logue – A Study of the Role of the Master Printmaker at Edinburgh

Bekki Churcher and Joanna Kemp – Edinburgh Printmakers: A New Journey in Print

Volume 23 (2018-2019)  Art Organisations and Institutions in Scotland

Sandy Wood – An Evolving World: The Kinross Scholarship, Emerging Artists and the Royal Scottish Academy Collections

Karen Mailley-Watt – Women’s Work Praised: The Glasgow Society of Lady Artists (1882-1938)

Thea Stevens – The Plaster Cast Collection of The Glasgow School of Art: History, Aura and Experience

Dan Brown – Means of Production: Fifty Years of Scottish Production Facilities, 1967-2017

Gayle Nelson and Sharon Quigley – The Society of Scottish Artists (1891-2018)

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