Study Days

Study Days and Conferences

Most years, the Scottish Society for Art History organises a study day or conference on themes ranging from Patronage and  Collecting or Orientalism to Highland Art and the History of Art Education. Many of the papers from these are published in the Society’s journal. In this way the Society seeks to make an important contribution to Art History in Scotland and to offer valuable opportunities to present new research.

Tickets for the upcoming study day ‘Art Organisations and Institutions in Scotland’ in Glasgow on 10 February 2018 are now on sale and can be purchased online via Eventbrite:

Scottish Society for Art History in association with Fine Art Critical Studies, The Glasgow School of Art

Study day – Art Organisations and Institutions in Scotland
10 February 2018
Reid Auditorium, The Glasgow School of Art


10.30 Welcome

Collecting art and contemporary responses to historic collections
10.35 Peter Trowles and Dr Thea Stevens, The Glasgow School of Art
The Plaster Cast Collection of The Glasgow School of Art: History, Aura and Experience

10.55 Sandy Wood, Royal Scottish Academy
An Evolving World: the Kinross Scholarship, Emerging Artists and the Royal Scottish Academy Collections

11.15 Questions

11.25 Break

Artist-led societies and collectives in Scotland
11.45 Dr Peggy Beardmore
The Artists of ‘The Most Paintable Town in Scotland’

12.05 Karen Mailley-Watt, University of Glasgow and The Glasgow School of Art
Women’s Work Praised – The Glasgow Society of Lady Artists (1882-1938)

12.25 Dr Deborah Jackson; University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art
Artist-Run Initiatives: Locating History in the Present

12.45 Gayle Nelson and Sharon Quigley, Society of Scottish Artists
The Society of Scottish Artists – its role and relevance, for its members and within the wider cultural landscape

13.05 Questions

13.15 Lunch

The role of production workshops and commercial galleries
14.45 Tommy Zyw, The Scottish Gallery
Portrait of a Gallery

15.05 Dan Brown, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Means of Production: 50 Years of Scottish Production Facilities 1967 – 2017

15.25 Questions

The emergence and changing role of art institutions in Scotland
15.35 Professor Neil Mulholland, Edinburgh College of Art
The Unlearning Organisation: Cultural Devolution and Scotland’s Visual Arts 1967-2017

15.55 Helen Kendrick, Glasgow School of Art
Glasgow; City of Creative Production

16.15 Questions

16.30 End